Dress up and button down

Now’s the time to get dressed up and go out. The heady days of a post work drink are back, and just in time as the weather begins to improve. But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean you have to don a tie to counteract the past year of a sloppy joe sweatshirt and jogging bottoms. We’ve got you covered.


A soft button-down collar is the happy medium; it is smart enough for work and a date night and casual enough for drinks and picnics. This led us to filling a gap within our range of shirts with the New Business Casual collection.


Numerous colours are available in plain chalky shades created by weaving white with the main colour that for this collection evoke a summer in Malta; aqua marine, raspberry red, coral orange and sage green and to mix it up a bit, striped versions on a white or chambray blue background are in the range too.


All work with smart trousers and also our 5-pocket pants which come in coordinating and contrasting colours, denim and chinos. In a slim fit, these shirt show your shape. All are made in 100% cotton which means they are breathable and perfect for a summer’s day and night!

Adding the Gagliardi twist, there is a contrasting trim inside the collar and cuff which is invisible when worn buttoned up with a tie and jacket, but a converts to a more relaxed look if you take of your tie and turn back your cuffs.

The added benefit of these smart-casual shirts is the shorter side seams and shaping at the hem which mean they can be worn tucked in or left out and even, for a more relaxed look, open and untucked over a t-shirt.


Easy to care for being machine washable and easy iron, these are ideal for daily wear and for staycations and vacations.

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