It’s About Time

By the age of 30, there are things a chap should have.

He should have committed to being the best version of himself and not have given up on dreams and ambitions.

The dreams and ambitions have to be realistic, if you haven’t started training to be an astronaut by now, it’s probably too late, but you could work in the field, or work really hard and book yourself a trip into space when that sector takes off.

If you are well into your career path, how can you improve it? Perhaps learning a new skill or language would be beneficial for a future move? There are some great language apps and loads of online resources where you can learn anything! Working in another country gives you the opportunity to truly learn about a culture and its people, and no experience of this kind is wasted. Fast forward a few years and picture yourself at a swanky drinks party, or a wedding, and the people you will have met, the local knowledge of a place, the nuances of a language, will come in handy.

Security, be it bonds, an investment in property or collectables, should be something you have started by now; if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is, but there are so many new ways to protect your future that are slow but steady, and of course there is always the opportunity of a side hustle.

One thing for sure you should have, indeed, it helps with all the above, is a decent suit. One you can wear day after day, mix and match, dress up and down and know it will never let you down. A suit for interviews, important meetings, dinner dates, weddings and funerals.

This is also an investment but one that pays back dividends. The confidence you gain wearing something well cut and in a quality fabric, also gives confidence to the people who are investing in you.

Get a classic cut suit that won’t date, and in a fabric that won’t sag or bag, that cleans up well and doesn’t crease too easily. A wool suit from Reda in their Super 110s range is understated yet chic, as a suit it is exquisite, and can be worn as seperates with a similar weighted fabric. Available in navy or black, this three-piece ensemble will take you on many journeys and to your 40s.

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