To the main man in your life

Dad’s come in many shapes and forms, there’s the practical pa, the quiet one, the one who is one of the lads, weekend dads, and those that just have that air about them. All of them deserve to be celebrated on the one day of the year when they really should take centre stage.

This year in particular has been tough and we think a dedicated day is the least they should have. Plan to spend the day with yours, cook their favourite foods or take them to their favourite place. Organise everything so they don’t have to worry at all.

Maybe you’ll have a family gathering at home with as many as your local regulations allow; perhaps you can get out on the water with a boat charter or a pedalo, book a class to learn something new or enhance an existing skill together? Perhaps you live near a forest or the seaside and can take a picnic or plan a BBQ there? Ride bikes together like you did when you were young maybe, but do create memories of this day as being one of the first where life was back to normal, one that you’ll talk about for many years to come.

Time is what your folks really want from you, and grandchildren, but in between, you can perhaps get a token of appreciation for them, that just shows you’ve been thinking of them, and something that will make them smile. There’s 3 for 2 at the moment so you can treat your dad and your other half’s and also indulge in a little something for yourself.

There are some fun cufflinks that reflect individual characters, a good choice of funky and colourful ties, a range of classic and modern pocket squares, practical leather belts and a handful of quirky bow-ties as well as summer scarves.

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