It's Time To Get Back In The Game

Getting back to normal has proven to bring a variety of feelings; relief for many, but fear for some. The extroverts among us were busing their time away on zoom calls for work and their social life, while the introverts relished the time to be quiet and focus on their preferred activities without having to make excuses.

Some of your crew or colleagues might need a gentle nudge to get back out there and to make an appearance at the office or even socially. Getting back into the swing of things, basic things, is causing people genuine stress.



The daily routine of getting dressed even, having not had much occasion to for a while. Some have let go and some have undergone major changes like weight gain or loss, embracing their grey hair or changing style completely or changing their look overall.


The two types of trends we are seeing are polar opposites of each other. Half the team are dressing more casually and wearing chinos and 5 pocket trousers to the office, while the other are full on suited and booted; flamboyant even!


Jackets have made a comeback with the hoodies and sweatshirts we saw on calls all year, being set aside, which is a good thing, as I’d get confused thinking I was at work by mistake on a Saturday, what with everyone being so casual!


Choosing a jacket wisely too means you can wear chinos or 5 pocket trousers and immediately smarten them up for meetings or after work events. These combos are easy to put together and can help with a gentle transition from sofa wear to work wear. Team a white shirt or t-shirt with any colour trousers and a neutral jacket and you are set for any adventure the new normal brings.


Pick up the phone and check in with your mates, it might be the thing they need to get back in the game!

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