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Article: The Last of the Summer Wine

The Last of the Summer Wine

The Last of the Summer Wine

This time of year, when the last few summer days are left and the ‘back to school feeling’ of September is looming, bringing excitement, changes and new challenges. There is a feeling of optimism, new food, a new role perhaps, new trends and new food.


I can’t wait for the new season. The ritual begins mid-August, I flick through the glossies and decide what I want my autumn wardrobe to look like, I book a haircut and I plan curry nights with recipes from my beloved Dishoom cookbook, and theme them Indian Summer if the heat drags on…...


My wardrobe gets an overhaul, the stained beyond redemption items are ditched and those things that I didn’t quite manage to diet into move on to new owners. The September 1st ‘do my favourite jean’s fit’ test is the only thing I don’t look forward to. You see, I have a habit of buying multiple of the same thing when they hit the sales, as you know, you will never seem to find that thing ever again. Ever.


At home, maintenance for the winter season starts and the half dead garden will soon, soon be showing signs of life.


On the work front, the final touches to marketing campaigns are being planned, stores are ‘on sale’ and are clearing their stock rooms ready to make way for the new season collections. Of course, this year we have more stock to clear, and frankly, our sale strategy had to be revisited and we are discounting further than ever. Socks from 3 euro, shirts at almost half price, merino wool jumpers from less than 50 euro and look hard enough, well, just go to the sale tab and sort by price…. you’ll find suits for the 150 euro mark – they were 300.

What does this mean to you? Well, now is the time to invest in your look. I’m going to build an outfit for a man I’d look twice at, you can change the colours, but I just want to show how looking sharp, doesn’t need to hurt.


Starting with a pale purple dobby shirt – paired with these lovely soft charcoal wool stretch trousers, our grey melange Prince of Wales check waistcoat (come on, you know how I love a waistcoat!), black leather loafers a classic grey jacket which you can wear to work and it would look awesome with a white shirt and jeans, and to finish it off, a gorgeous pocket square. ALL that for 400 euro?


Purple Dobby Slim Fit Shirt - Gagliardi

Charcoal Wool Blend Stretch Trousers - Gagliardi

Grey Melange Prince of Wales Waistcoat - Gagliardi

Black Leather Loafers - Gagliardi

Grey Plain Jacket - Gagliardi

Purple Geometric Pocket Squares - Gagliardi

So start your new season with a bargain, try that colour that you can now wear with your tan, get that jacket that will expand your wardrobe, get your Christmas presents early and stock up on jumpers. And if your sock drawer needs a restock, have a look in ours!

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