Style For Your Body Type

Taking stock of your wardrobe before the new season is a job done on a rainy day and as we have a few of those on the horizon, now is as good a time as any.

Plan to take a couple of hours to sift through every item in your wardrobe and see what needs repairing or replacing, and to see what gaps you have in your wardrobe essentials checklist.

Your life may have changed a little – maybe you are working from home more often and travelling less for now, but still, three suits, one dark, one neutral and one coloured should be in every chap’s closet for each season.

The idea is to be able to mix and match the colours so you maximise your combinations, think neutral trousers with a darker jacket for that off duty military look, or with a coloured jacket for the preppy look.

Many suits have waistcoats to match and that offers even more possibilities; all three colours can be mixed or wear two items in one – waistcoat and trousers for example, and the jacket in another.

Another thing that may have changed is your body shape, so what fit should you choose?

Choosing the right fit enhances your best features, and should make each item wearable in different scenarios. Gagliardi offers a Mix & Match range so you can achieve a tailor made look whatever your size and shape.

Slim fit jackets are nipped in at the waist and have narrower-cut shoulders. The trousers are cut in a slim and sleek silhouette to finish off the suit neatly. This cut is also known as the "Italian Style" and is ideal for young, slim and muscular gents, looking for a trendier look.

These suits can be worn to work or for socialising, a slight alteration in shirt style and footwear can take you from desk to date very easily. And who doesn’t like a man in a suit?

Our contemporary fit is sometimes referred to as the classic fit and it is the ideal fit for almost every shape and size! This option sits at a looser fit when compared to the slim fit; it is slightly nipped in at the waist to still look tapered and not boxy and is perfect for gents looking for more of a traditional look and for those of a bigger build.

So, check your stock, then check ours, especially now as we have sales – a classic suit will take you through more than one season afterall!

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