The fabric of our society

We pride ourselves in using quality, sustainable, modern fabrics. These are usually from Italy, in a region that has been creating, making and recycling fabrics for hundreds of years; the latter before it was even fashionable to do so. As part of the evolution of the Gagliardi brand, we source technical fabrics too, to make all weather, and all scenario clothing and accessories.

Collectively we look at life and see who, what, how and when and where the Gagliardi man is wearing his clothes and then design our collections accordingly.

We work closely with Lanificio F.lli Cerruti who have been making textiles since 1770 and in its 250 year history has made much of the grey-green fabric for uniforms in the First World War, menswear ranges from the house were created and marketed and sold internationally through the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, a long list of movies from the 1980’s till today have Cerruti clothing featured in them, including classics like Die Hard, Indecent Proposal, Philadelphia, Pretty Woman and to top it off, a whole host of stars have chosen to wear their clothing on the red carpet too. Sports wear was next for the Cerruti treatment and skiers, tennis players, footballers and racing drivers all donned their wares too.

And the company didn’t stop there. In recent history, homewares and industrial fabrics have also been launched and with all this experience and manufacturing capability, the creation of textile for anything we conjure up has been enabled.

Some of the latest pieces in our SS21 collection make use of the Oxygen range of fabrics which is made of an open basketweave of silk and wool that allows air to pass freely through it making it highly breathable and cool for summer.

It is a highly textured and on close inspection, a three-dimensional weaving structure, using Shantung silk yarns which are irregular lengths and widths, give a luster of sheen and a particular texture.

The wool yarn used comes in two types, worsted spun, which is very smooth and woollen spun, which is more irregular and in this case, Cerruti has opted for woollen yarns because they work well together with the irregular silk and by blending tones of the same colour, this gives depth and creates a tactile material from which we cut our tailored garments.

A picture paints a thousand words, so before I go all technical on you about technical fabrics, here’s some of our living, breathing collection.

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