Zack Ritchie for Gagliardi

Sometimes work doesn’t really feel like work, and I don’t mean because we’re WFH at the moment. Sometimes, and luckily for me, more often than not, it’s really fun. I’m surrounded by beautiful clothes, male models, a fast moving environment and fresh campaigns to work on.


Recently we launched a #PostcardsFromMalta campaign and as a part of the process, I got to interview the creatives behind the process – you don’t get to see or hear me – but that’s OK, the talent, Zack Ritchie, does my questions proud.


We talk about the brief and how he approached it, the background work and his thought processes and how insanely talented he is.


Take a look at the short video and then have a look around the site and take a bit of time to armchair travel to our homeland.

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