The Colours of Malta

Spring/Summer 2020

For our last collection (AW19/20) we drew our inspiration from the interiors of a typical Maltese Palazzo.

For the Spring/Summer 2020 range, we’ve turned our attention to the outdoors; to the colours and vivacity of Summer in the Maltese Islands.

The first part of our collection draws inspiration from the myriad of shades and hues of the Mediterranean Sea, from the deepest blues, tempting teals, vibrant aquamarines and shades of jade that surround our islands.

The second embraces the hours after sunset. Opulent shades of red, burned orange and rich gold, which fill the sky as the sun goes down, and then the lights which adorn the churches, decorated to celebrate the village ‘festa’ go on, and the night sky is resurrected back to life with firework displays as the backdrop to parties on both land and sea.

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