Sweater Season is all Year

One thing that hasn’t changed is the unpredictable weather. We aren’t planning too far in advance these days, so we have to be prepared for any opportunity to get dressed up and go out.

Fewer events with fewer people though, gives us the chance to bond more and that can’t be a bad thing. So from chatting though the cricket, to spending an afternoon …which rolls to an evening in the pub garden, or spontaneously hiring a boat and messing about on the water all mean being a little prepared for the weather.

This is where sweaters come in handy. Gone are the days when they were bulky and made of unnatural fibres which squeaked when you stretched them over your head, we, at Gagliardi at least, have a variety of materials ranging from linen and cotton which are perfect for the summer months, to wool and for that extra bit of luxury, Merino wool.

We all have a story of a shrunken sweater, but today, unless someone smaller than you who is coveting your prized possession has a mischievous streak and shrinks it on purpose, there really is no excuse to not keep your wool sweater looking and feeling amazing for years.

Storage is easy too – don’t hang them, rather ‘fold’ them. This is a good tip for travel packing too. Organise by weight, fabric or colour. There are so many shades to choose from, pastel, primary and chalky and as they are less of an investment than a jacket, you can be more adventurous with your choice of colour.

Wear over a shirt, a long sleeve tee or even against your skin. Sweaters enhance muscle tone and look great under a jacket too. Look to Idris Elba for confirmation of that.

One of the great things about them is how carrying them is not a burden. Slip over your shoulders a la Jonathan Hart for the European man look or tie around your waist for the collegiate style.

Always handy to have to offer to a young lady if the evening gets chilly, or to use as a blanket too. Care for them how we shared above, and the next time you wear it, it will be as good as new.

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