Salvatore's Tips - The New Normal

Waking up every morning and facing a new day of the ‘new normal’ is starting to wear thin. This being upbeat and productive and presentable for zoom meetings is exhausting. But don’t slack now! You’ll be begging to not have to sit in traffic or through useless meetings soon enough, and so what we are hoping is past the half-way mark, and we’re here to show you some easy steps to keep motivated.

  1. I know myself, using my nicest shower gel and taking time to do a bit of grooming, makes a real difference to the day. You’re in no rush, so shave slowly or treat your beard to some oil. Moisturize, all over. Do any trimming that’s required and don your favourite boxers.
  2. Put on a shirt – instead of a hoodie – wear chinos instead of joggers, and why not up the ante at the daily work call and pop on a waistcoat and tie or a pocket square to add some colour? These simple touches will not only make you feel better, but will quite possibly get your colleagues to up their game too. Your boss and the rest of the team are watching…..


Being properly dressed is part of being professional, and you know you feel better when you’ve made a bit of effort. It affects your mood and your performance. And you can feel achieved at the end of the day instead of just like you made it through.

Our founder had a varied and interesting life, travelling and picking up tales and visiting tailors all over the world. He was always well dressed, no matter what the situation, and that was post-war and being from a decimated country where everyone had to start from scratch. Read more about our founder here.

  1. Look at your skills, use your ‘commuting’ time to up them, add to them and investigate new ones. The world once more is changing but see it as a time of opportunity. To reflect, to read, to learn, to try.

Always wanted to learn a language? Read / watch the classics? Cook a 30-ingredient chilli? Wear a bow tie? We can help you with the last two ….. and we know a man who can help you with the others.

Regardless if you are in a country that is slowly easing restrictions, or in one that has extended theirs, the new norm is something we will all have to work out. But use the time before the doors open to work out how you can best adapt and be ready to put your best foot forward. You don’t want to have squandered it and have your mental health suffer as a consequence.

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