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Article: Salvatore's Tips - Make Less Online Mistakes

Salvatore's Tips - Make Less Online Mistakes
How to

Salvatore's Tips - Make Less Online Mistakes

I don’t know about you, but I like quite a lot of the new normal. I’m enjoying the 30 second walk to my desk as my commute, having a proper lunch and being able to do my laundry while on zoom calls and being home for my online shopping deliveries.

I still dress properly, not just for the delivery man, but for my walk in the park and of course, the back to back zoom calls. It just makes me feel better about myself, and a little worse about my colleagues who are looking unkempt. (“Brush that hair! Don’t wear PJs to work! Have some respect!” I’m ghost typing in the chat box.)

I do miss the banter at the office, face to face meetings with colleagues, clients and suppliers, the scent of aftershave and the taste of cake when it’s someone’s birthday, not forgetting the drinks after work when well, it’s just a regular day.

This new norm will probably result in many people working from home more and see the reduction of office space; meetings and the socials will return in due course as business is just done better face to face, whatever the conference call people say. People buy people and it is hard to create a fantastic relationship online alone.

Until then though, it has me, and quite a few others, starting to think of a side hustle to fill in the saved time (sleep when you’re dead, right?) and to help build up my savings account for the proverbial rainy day.

You may have seen my piece showing you how to thrash out an idea and see what gaps you need to fill. I’m sure one of the routes to market will be online and so this week, the Ricco Mortensen Foundation are giving Gagliardi customers a free download of the bestselling book, 8 Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make (and how to avoid them).

The foundation runs courses too, but a great start is the book which covers why many

  • Earn too little because they work too much
  • Are sending customers to competitors
  • Are talking to people who will never be a customer
  • Have a website which is a leaky bathtub
  • Selling on social media is not that easy
  • Emails sent aren’t as good as the company thinks
  • Are wasting money on the wrong ads
  • Have the wrong goals

It’s an easy read with action points to put into practice from the start if you’re a new business and are also able to help existing online businesses see a change in their performance.

As a customer of ours, online and perhaps in physical stores, you will hopefully see we subscribe to his way of thinking, and the way we present our ranges to customers across the globe, are suited to our customer’s needs. If you’ll pardon the pun.

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