March is like one long Wednesday, you have the worst of the week (year) behind you, and the Spring and Summer are just that little bit out of reach. There are glimpses of sunshine and clear skies, but then the wind blows the clouds back and you could be in for all sorts of weather.

The long weekend of Easter is much needed when we can gather as families and friends and start the journey towards Summer and all the promise it brings.

Until then though, in this in-betweeny bit, we still need to dress for occasions keeping the changeable weather in mind. There are practicalities of storage, so just throwing on a coat on a cold day may not be the best option. The trick is to wear layers so you can add / remove as required.

The classic is the round neck t-shirt under a shirt, which you can add a jumper over – and a gilet perhaps especially if it’s going to be a day that you’re out till the sun goes down, and how about an overshirt over it all?

Because of the technical and natural fabrics we use, you can be assured of warmth and waterproofness without bulk. And the best thing is – you’ll be able to wash them all easily too.

Toning your colours is pretty easy too, take all the same shade – like olive for example – and add a summer scarf to add some pattern if you’re feeling too neutral. You can mix too; the colours of the season all blend well and there is no limit as to how you coordinate your items, maybe stick to a maximum of three colours though. Olive, grey and white, or navy, olive and white are two you could try for the spring.

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