Longer days

The days are getting longer and soon, the clocks go back, signalling the new season. As spring approaches let’s get outside more and enjoy the scenery and look to find our 'zen' again. We’re lucky to be able to walk by the sea, something some people only get to do for a few days a year.

Shed the dark colours and heavy clothing and look to light, bright fabrics. Take inspo from the catwalks and layer on coordinating or clashing colours.

Fabrics are getting smarter with sustainability and functionality at their core. They can make us look cool while keeping us warm, or the flip side is they can breathe when our body temperature rises, they can be washed on a shortened cycle and even reduce our time at the ironing board.

Choose from long or short sleeved polo shirts, a whole host of plain and patterned casual shirts, lightly padded gilets for the top half and pair with denim, the portfolio of our classic 5 pocket casual trousers or opt for the comfy hybrid drawstring trousers or tailored joggers for a bit of a change?

Green, orange and beige are the strongest colours and whilst you may not want to wear all three at once, the green and beige or orange and beige certainly work well together.

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