How Time Flies

This time last year, I was ticking off my to do list and celebrating my ta dah list, and the events of this year have meant that a few things will be carried over, and that’s OK. If I’d done everything I was supposed to have, I’d be exhausted by now and would not have had chance to do some of the things that the extra hours at home have allowed.


One. My Italian grammar would be as dysfunctional as a soap opera family had I not had the chance to take online lessons to replace my commute journey time, twice a week.

Two. I may not have made the mistake of thinking I could make shoes and spent more on equipment that I would on shoes in the rest of my lifetime (don’t quote me on that).

Three. I would have not had to diet through the Summer had I started training for my ‘Couch to 5 K before my birthday’ much, much sooner (killed it last week by the way). This 5k breeze now takes up the other three morning’s commute.

Four. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are now all home-made and not junk food grabbed en route or hurried.

Five. I now have an all wearable wardrobe having had the sort out to end all sort outs, upcycled, swapped and repaired items that were languishing in there.

Oh, and my passport doesn’t need a holiday even though I would welcome one.


And yes, there are a few weeks and maybe months left to get through and so I’m keeping myself busy making birdhouses from wicker and cane and experimenting with pottery. The latter I fear will be a bit like the shoe making, I haven’t quite had the time to work on my patience levels and it is so much harder than it looks. Like, SO much.


What do we know about 2021? Well, I’ll still be here to guide you through with etiquette, style and lifestyle tips, and once the sales are over, and Spring is knocking on the door, I’ll be taking you through the new collection, even if I’m practicing the splits while I do so.


What is a new year without resolutions or goals?

Remember, indulge every day, not just for Christmas.


See you on the other side.

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