3 Ways to wear 1 suit

The latest mantra is to ‘buy better and buy less’, so this week I thought I would share some ideas to wear 1 suit in 3 ways. Invest in a 3 piece suit like this one in 100% wool from Italy. I’ve chosen this as the pattern on the material lends itself to be mixed and matched and used together or with coordinating items.

Worn as a suit it can be dressed up or down as described in last week’s story but break it down to the three separate elements and you can make more distinct looks.

You can pair with your skinny jeans, chinos and a hoodie and layer the blazer on top for a cool street-style look, marl grey also works well too. If you get somewhere where the hoodie isn’t required, you up the smart stakes without looking formal.

The trousers can be worn without the jacket and waistcoat too – add a long sleeve t-shirt and layer on a jumper or wear a funky shirt and pullover and add a casual jacket, great for days when you need to brace the weather but look smart when inside. On fair weather days, add a denim jacket.

The waistcoat, in my humble opinion, is the best item of clothing one can wear. They are infinitely stylable. Worn with casual trousers or jeans and a long sleeve tshirt or regular shirt and add a blazer in one of the colours in the pattern. This method morphs the waistcoat to look different every time, with this one you can add a pale grey, rust, navy or wine-coloured jacket.

Basically, the rule is wear no more than 3 colours and 7 items – so play with this and work out how many combinations you can create. Do the math or break the rules.

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