A little bit of pzz- Saz Mifsud

Last year when we were designing the AW20/21 collection, Venice was our inspiration and at the same time, we also met a wonderful young lady whose work, primarily designs on silk, we just knew would work perfectly as a range of accessories to complement the jewelled colours and richness of fabrics that we were working with.


“We give a free hand when it comes to designing the collections for Gagliardi, and then the team convenes to share opinions and to whittle the samples down to the pieces that will be manufactured by our team in Tunisia. One of the best parts of the job is seeing how different team members hone in on details that help define that season.


We met with Saz Mifsud, the young designer in question, and we discussed the theme, and she came up with a series of prints based on the ubiquitous Venetian mask ….. we used samples of the fabrics chosen for the upcoming suiting and evening wear and chose a stunning teal, a moody airforce blue and also a vibrant burned orange background for pocket squares, tubular scarves and foularini, each which can be worn with day and evening wear”, said Sam Borg, COO of the group.

Pocket squares add a pop of colour to a suit and help bring out details like a stripe or check, and really do make you stand out. There’s nothing quite like pure silk around your neck and are light, breathable and so much better than a football scarf to keep you warm.


The foularini might get pinched by your sister / girlfriend which we can’t help with but we can show you how to wear it and wish you luck keeping hold of it.


Open out as a square and fold diagonally in half to create a triangle. Now from the longest (folded) edge, create 10cm loose folds and place around your neck, tucking the lengths into your shirt. You can at this stage puff it up, button up to where is comfortable for you, it’s really down to personal taste.

“Saz Mifsud is an artist by profession and designs her prints from scratch and prints them onto silk and other natural fabrics, citing sustainability and quality behind her choices. These are absolutely in line with the core ethics of the company, we use recycled fabrics from mills in Prato, Italy and start each season fresh with our inspirations coming from our surroundings and nature,” Sam adds.


Teaming up with young designers and local artists is something Gagliardi has committed to do in coming collections – so look out for these collaborations going forwards and help us to help them get a footing in the heady world of fashion.


And teaming up is something we are doing now with accessories. It’s 3 for 2 on all in the range! That’s two presents sorted and one free item for you.

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