Dressing for the office in summer

Summer dressing is a bit of a minefield – you want to avoid looking like you’re going to the beach when you are going to the office - so let me share some tips.

  • Does your office have a dress code?
  • Do you actually want to wear shorts to the office or do you want to have a separation of wardrobes for work and pleasure?

Linen trousers, chinos and cotton trousers are probably your company’s and a more professional option. The beauty of all these is they look smart but keep you cool and there are lots of colours in our range to choose from. Camel, Raspberry, Bordeaux, Rust and Copper – team these with a linen or button down collar shirt or a matching or contrasting polo shirt. You can easily add a lightweight jacket for formal meetings too – our weekend range has choices for you to express your character.

Polo shirts can be worn as both work-wear and casual – so if its drinks by the river after hours, wearing one of these will take you from desk to dusk. Take a bomber jacket with you too or an overshirt for when the sun goes down.

Try a mix of fine stripes, plain or wide stripes to give you the option to look different every day with little need for ironing!

Shoes – please, closed shoes for the office. Seriously, no-one wants to see man toes at work. Fun, colourful and comfortable moccasins or leather pumps work well as do suede slip ons and loafers. These are so easy to look after – just use your suede brush to gently brush the pile and for any stains, do this by holding the affected area about 30 cm over the steam of a boiling kettle. The steam with help lift the stain and then brush gently – avoid spreading the stain or rubbing it in further, or you can try one of these other methods.

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