Been through the mill already?

A second article on Lanificio F.lli Cerruti? Déjà vu? Well we make no apologies. We’re very proud of our ongoing relationship with one of the best fabric mills in Italy. For over a decade now, when we are developing our most refined products, Cerruti is our first port of call.

I’ll not repeat the accolades and history of the company, but do want to tell you a bit about the fabrics and why you will see Super 110, 120 or 130 near a suit’s description.

What we call the “super number” is historically “The English worsted yarn count system” also known as “the Bradford system” after the town in Yorkshire where it was first developed. And you thought the offside rule was challenging to explain? Read on.

If you want to know what the number actually means, we can tell you – it is the number of hanks (560 yards) of yarn, that one pound of wool yields. So in the case of Super 130s one pound of wool will yield 130 hanks of yarn. All you really need to know is that the higher the Super number, the more yarn from a pound of wool, the finer the wool. Fine wool makes soft, luxurious, breathable fabrics. And Super 130s is the finest wool we use.

This is our most refined suit made from the finest wool that we use - Super 130s.

So now that’s clear, have a look at our Super range which is available in slim & contemporary fit, and mix & match so you can choose your jacket and trouser sizes for the perfect fit. And whilst it might have been a year since you had need of any suit, let alone a new suit, as things are beginning to open up, maybe a summer wedding is on the horizon, or you are heading back to the office, or your first face to face meeting is in the diary, or a hot date – it’s time to dress up and show up.

These items will last and look smart for more than this season. Choose a classic cut and wear as a suit or as separates to maximise your investment.

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