You say tomato...

There’s a little bit of tension in the office this week, a discussion about pairing items has my boss and I at opposite ends of a styling decision and I need your help.


I think this floral shirt looks awesome with our teal velvet jacket and navy wool trousers. She thinks it doesn’t.


But I’d love my chap to wear this combo (in fact I’m debating whether to buy this shirt or this one here) to get him out of his blue striped shirt rut, and I could always say it’s from his mum as she delegates present decisions to me.

On the same lines, I like the burnt orange version of the floral shirt with the Bordeaux velvet jacket and just to push my luck, I’d add in the Navy and Orange striped waistcoat for that look that poets and artists just seem to carry off. The navy wool trousers win here once again although if you don’t like the addition of the waistcoat, you could pair with the trousers from this suit, which also looks good with this shirt for date night. The orangey millefiori shirt also works, maybe try one of each?


The velvet jacket adds a serious touch of class and extends the use of the suit as it makes elevates the trousers to true evening wear.


What do you think? The one thing we do agree on is good wine, and so before she uses up her last week of leave, I’ll open a bottle with her, and send her this wine pairing link for a giggle.

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