These are a few of my favourite things (in the sale)

You know that product ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’, well, I’m going to borrow the phrase and change it slightly. I can’t believe these things are in the sale! There are some absolutely fantastic investment buys, for example a tuxedo for under 300 euro and yes, 2021 will be a year of hedonism think the Roaring Twenties, there will be parties and weddings and every man over 25 should have a decent tux anyway.


Staying with the classics, there are a couple of suits that are around the 150 euro mark, this navy blue suit which also has a waistcoat to match, is perfect for your work life and social life. It’s a great canvas to play with using plain or patterned shirts and scarves / pocket squares to maximise looks.


Look number 1:

Take this sea creatures patterned shirt, there's sea creatures all over the female catwalks so wear this with the suit and waistcoat to look the part. We have some fun cufflinks in this theme too if the shirt is a little too bold for you.

Look number 2:

A casual collarless tunic style shirt which you can wear with jeans, the suit jacket and waistcoat for a artsy look. No need to tuck the shirt in either.

Look number 3:

Wear the jacket and trousers and add a different waistcoat to give a subtle pop of colour, wear with a white shirt or pick out one of the colours for a less formal look. This check version could be worn with a white, pale blue or red shirt.

Look number 4:

Swap out the suit jacket for a blazer, this teal jacket suits every skin tone, looks great with blue and this isn’t a colour or cut that dates.

All of these can be elevated with a pocket square, which also enables you to play with new colours that you may want to experiment with first.


Layer on a lightweight a rainproof coat to take through to the Spring and beyond and finish off the look with a pair of smart casual shoes, and you’re good to go!

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