What to Wear for Father's Day

There are a few fashion rules that have started to date and one of them is the “no linen before Memorial Day” – which for those outside of the USA, is May 25th. You can thank global warming for the change though. The weather is warmer earlier and it finally gives way to Autumn around October, so wearing linen is now acceptable from around Easter time.

The best thing about linen is it’s OK to look creased. Now, I don’t mean crumpled up off the floor creased, but signs of general wear are indeed a sign that you are wearing linen. These ease with body heat if you are a bit finicky.

Another great thing is linen comes in the most wonderful range of colours; this year chalky tones of teal, raspberry, sky blue and tangerine. I have a fabulous friend who I refer to for men’s style advice, and he tut tuts when he sees a man in a short sleeved shirt, unless it is part of a uniform or a polo shirt, and swears by the Italian cuff to roll ones long sleeves up for the warmer days and evenings.

Look at our waistcoats too which invite you to be a little more daring with checks and patterns; these worn with a classic beige linen pant scream summer smart. This type of ensemble is perfect to wear to a father’s day gathering – especially if it is the father of your better half. You’ll impress the mother too.

Talking of family, it’s a great time to reflect on words of wisdom your father shared with you and think about what advice you’ll pass on. I asked Sam Borg our COO, who runs the company with his father, what life rules had been given to him and these three were the main ones. “Love your family & friends and your life”, “Be humble & honest in both business and pleasure” and “Have no limits.”

For more ideas, and to sound sage and sensible and impress your father, have a read of H. Jackson Brown’s beautiful book written for his son, Life’s Little Instruction Book. Volume one is by far the best. Get ready to use your pocket square / hankie.

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