Don't sweat it!

The sales are still on (but not for long!).

Warning! The sales are coming to an end. Why not take the chance to break with your usual style and play with a bit of pattern or colour? There are easy ways to introduce it; for example, if you wear a navy suit to work maybe add a pocket square which has the navy and some other colours in, which may give you the opportunity to wear a brighter tie than normal. In this case, you could choose from the most obvious, red, or a golden yellow or even an olive green.

This would also work with a biscuit or a brown suit too; colours appear to change when placed against different backgrounds. Indeed, a different set of tones can make a suit look completely different, add this rust with purple and red flowers and you have a more spring or summer time look. It would brighten a neutral suit but next to a navy palette would add an interesting contrast.

Changing shoes is also a great way to change an outfit; the style or the colour will have an impact but so will making sure your shoes are well kept. Polishing shoes has become so easy with the fluids that squeeze on to your shoes and make them shiny quickly, but nothing beats a proper caked polish applied with a brush and buffed to a shine. For suede shoes, get yourself one of these hard plastic shoe brushes and hold your shoes over a boiling kettle all the while brushing the pile forward and back again to release any dirt or marks.

If you bought shoes at the beginning of the season and they have become your favourites, make a beeline for another pair in the sale – even if they are still in good shape now – as by next winter, they may not be and you’ll kick yourself for not getting a replacement pair, especially while they are on sale!

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