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Football has been on everyone’s minds and screens these past few weeks. The dress sense and style of the individual players - each one able to stamp their own mark on their uniformal kit with the way they wear their socks, their undergarments, their football boots and of course, their hair.


The kits themselves have had gazillions spent on them over the ages. If you have watched the movie, The English Game, the invention of the kit started with the rising position of the teams towards the initial cup finals. The teams, often from mill towns, had an upper hand here of course. You have the see the film to appreciate the pride of those donning the first team shirt.



Today, the technology that is engineered into the fabrics to wick moisture from both inside and out whilst being breathable is commonplace. The shirts keep players warm and cool at the same time. They allow for impressive grass stains that, one assumes, wash out? Perhaps the shirts are worn only once…..?


Using technology in fabrics is something the mill town of Biella has been doing for centuries; whatever was invented in the material world, would pretty much have been invented here. From the innovation of different types of weaves and the machinery to perform the task, to the initiative of recycling war time clothes and uniforms to create new fabrics, dying, textures and of course, performance materials for all sorts of sports including tennis, horse riding, watersports, and the beautiful game.



We use many fabrics from the area for our lines; be they coats which are designed to be light but keep the wearer warm and dry, pettorina’s padded with microfibre mixes, wool and cotton blended with silk for lustre, or lycra for stretch, and pure wools ranging from the every day to the Supers in our fine tailoring.


And the technology continues to evolve. Mixed yarn weaves, less waste and less consumption as drivers, printed patterns, embossed, debossed to make you look like a boss, we will continue to invent, curate and create clothing with textiles from the champions in the region of Bellia, for many more years to come.

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