Men's Mental Health

It’s OK not to be OK. You’ve seen that, heard it and might even have the t-shirt, but how can we help?

There are some worrying stats from around the world, so this is not something for men to be embarrassed about, though we understand it can be tough.

There are some numbers on different types of anxiety. You might not even recognize it. But if you have a friend that always cancels, doesn’t call when they are supposed to, leaves the pub early or turns up really late, he might be having issues.



You can read more about some statistics surrounding men's mental health here.

We’ve teamed up with The Lost Boys, a couple of chaps that are helping men battle any issues they may have by creating a support network and a series of initiatives and activities to focus the mind in these strange times.

These activities feature a mixture of self-development exercises to help one detach even it if it just for 5 or 10 minutes a day.

You can check out these guys on Facebook or via their website.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also highlights some tips to follow to help cope with the current situation.

Join for the ride, maybe you’re OK, but perhaps a mate isn’t doing so well. Check in on them and let’s help all lost boys get found.

Useful sources:

Malta: Read here

UK: Read here

USA: Read here


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