Masks Are The New Black

Factors that affect the fashion industry include the economic and political climate. This is visible throughout the ages – look to the 1930’s where fabric was in low supply so clothing was more fitted and much less decadent than in the Roaring 20’s. Post-WWII, the teenager was ‘invented’ and there was more to go around. Fashion felt the effect with masses of cloth in circle skirts for females and super baggy pants for males.

With the technology available today, we have every fabric at our disposal – though are more and more conscious to wear the most natural and the least polluting fabrics possible.

As the Pause button is released after the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion industry once again needs to change. Fast fashion has to slow; cheap manufacturing needs to be revisited so the ease on the consumer’s pocket isn’t a trauma for the planet. Supply chains have to have more than one source of products and our clothes with an NYC label, can no longer be manufactured in a country on the other side of the world from it.

We want provenance to our clothing, we want to wear it well, wear it often and be able to dispose of it safely when its time has come.

Another factor for this age is Social Distancing and of course, masks. These will be essential parts of our wardrobe until a vaccine is created and given to all.

Many clothing manufacturers, including us, have turned our production lines towards making medical team scrubs and the ubiquitous face masks.

Our masks are hand stitched in Malta and machine washable for at least 10 times.

The masks are foldable but you must keep them in a clean place before using, perhaps wrap them in a pocket square and store in your inside pocket when out.

Our masks’ outer layer is made from a poly/cotton blend, with a 100% Polypropylene middle filter, and the pack has 7 masks – the colours vary but we reckon you can match your shirt to your mask or with your accessories instead!

We also couldn’t resist but add a touch of humour, and have a set of additions for your masks to enable you to show a bit of your character, now your grin will be hidden from view. We have a set of templates that you can download and add to your mask. Fancy a beard? A moustache? A dashing bow tie? We’re in this for a while so have a bit of fun with it and remember, your grandparents had to carry a gas mask for five years.

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If we have to wear masks, they should at least show some style. Yours do! Now, let’s pray that we don’t have to wear them for very long.

William A. May 08, 2020

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