Get off!

Are you at the office already or you have some breathing space? Christmas seems to have gone by in a flash and we’re hurtling towards what we hope will be a happier New Year. Less use of the C-word and more ‘vaycay’ instead of ‘staycay’ …

We’re thinking of Spring so we’re shrugging off our winter skins with 25% off pretty much all of the range. So now is the time to get your back-to-work look sorted, maybe you’re starting a new role? Go for the bigger ticket items like a suit and add a coordinating jacket – and then you’ll feel like you have really gotten a deal. Or how about you buy a suit and treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually try? A waistcoat, a different colour jumper, a funky shirt – they will essentially be free so what’s the risk?

Have you got a wedding or another major event to attend in 2022? Think of any work events you may have to attend in a different climate; I always think that’s a great excuse to get something new. OK, I don’t need much nudging, but 25% is 25% after all!

Spend this weekend having a good sort out, repair, donate or ditch are your choices. It's a good time to replace any favourites that may not be at their best, perhaps a jumper has bobbled or faded, a shirt collar stained, trousers no longer fit well? Or maybe you should double up on that item you seem to have favourited and wear regularly; get another now, while you can!

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