From Desk to Dusk

The new rules are sinking in and our socially distanced lives are taking on a new routine. Part-time at the office and working remotely the rest of the time can throw one into a wardrobe dilemma.


The novelty of dressing up after weeks of lockdown now the season has changed may be giving you anxiety, but fear not, I’m here to help.


A suit that will take you from desk to dusk is a smart buy. I’m recommending two from the collection, same suit but different colours. Colours that make the transition from work life to social life easy, and mean you are dressed appropriately for both scenarios. Turning up to the pub in a traditional navy number shows you just left the office. Sorry chaps. These make it look like you’ve thought it through, made an effort, whipped home to change.

This suit, can carry a plain shirt by day, and a patterned shirt in the evening. If you haven’t got time to change, undo the jacket buttons and show off a waistcoat and add a coordinating scarf, useful not just to look great and keep your neck warm, but useful for those lost / forgotten mask moments, which are happening to me more as the time passes.


This suit can also be worn with a navy jumper, roll neck or crew neck, for a super cool evening look.

The slightly more sober version of this suit is the burgundy, again, good on various skin tones and this one you can liven up with a pocket square like this Venice inspired design by Saz Mifsud in  burned orange and rust tones – a shirt, jumper for the colour curious, or staying traditional with oatmeal and browns.

Both suit jackets can be worn with our 5-pocket trousers for a more casual look either in the same or a contrasting colour. We have some boots (in the sale too), which go with both.


So add some colour to your working Winter wardrobe and make it work for you through the season.

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