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Article: Check Mate

Check Mate

Check Mate

Building a wardrobe is a strategic affair. There are actually lists of what you should have in yours which in the economic and environmental climate are quite a good thing. We think your Autumn Winter wardrobe should include:

2 x white shirts

7 x work shirts

5 x casual shirts

5 x t-shirts / polo shirts

3 x jumpers

2 x pairs of jeans

1 x dark suit

1 x lighter suit

2 x pairs of coordinating trousers (to maximize your suit investment)

2 x pair of utility / chino style casual trousers

2 x pairs of smart shoes

2 x pairs of casual / driving shoes

1 x pair walking shoes

1 light jacket or gilet

1 x overshirt or casual outdoor jacket

1 x warm overcoat

1 x tuxedo / dinner jacket and smart trousers / formal suit which you’d wear for relevant evenings

Accessories like ties, scarves, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks to finish off outfits should be added to this list too.

If you haven’t got these basics, the stock clearance we’re having should help! Building on from this, you should choose wisely how to grow your collection, depending on your lifestyle.


Most of us actually live the same lives, we work, we hang out with mates, we have family occasions to attend, we date, we have hobbies and we (wish we could) travel. So what’s next on the list of investment pieces?


Take a chequered jacket for example, you can choose a bold check that is versatile and can be worn with beiges, dark reds and browns, cream, greys and denim trousers paired with a coordinating or matching jumper over a white shirt for both smart and casual events or you can go for a more subdued, traditional check which works well with your dark suit trousers, darker denim and also items that are in the dark red / brown sphere.

Both these jackets come in two styles, Slim Fit and Contemporary Fit. Slim fit jackets are nipped in at the waist and have narrower-cut shoulders. Wear trousers that are cut in a slim and sleek silhouette to finish off the outfit neatly. This cut is also known as the "Italian Style" and is ideal for young, slim and muscular gents, looking for a trendier look. If this is you, try wearing the jacket with just a jumper underneath.

The contemporary fit is sometimes referred to as the classic fit and It is the ideal fit for almost every shape and size! This option sits at a looser fit when compared to the slim fit; it is slightly nipped in at the waist to still look tapered and not boxy. The contemporary fit is ideal for gents looking for more of a traditional look and for those of a bigger build.

Be bold or be subdued. The next move is yours.

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