Dress up and show up

Loungewear is so last year now it’s time to dress up and party! It’s a no to landfill Christmas jumpers, fun as they may be for the office drinks Instagram shots, that level of waste really is no longer fashionable.

Investing is the name of the game for 2022, and be it in crypto, bricks and mortar, collectables, or an item of clothing, it’s time to get in on the action.

I’m actively learning about the first, can talk till the cows come home about the second, have a slowly growing collection of the third and I like to think, quite some experience of the latter, which, I’ll share with you today.

There are some rules from the days of black and white movies which I still think work. “Wear no more than 7 items of clothing in 3 colours” is one of them. Buy the best coat you can is definitely sage advice especially with colder, wetter winters and one I’ve coined is, ‘If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour” you can replace shoe with any item of clothing and last but not least is buy eveningwear carefully as it rarely goes out of style.

Look at the movies from any genre and a classically cut jacket in velvet or brocade or a tux appear and look timeless. Indeed, my partner has his father’s tuxedo from the 1960’s and it still looks good on the dancefloor.

If anything, trouser shapes change, but so subtly, that, aside from the baggy pants of the 30s/50s/80s which were reincarnations of themselves, a streamlined look has maintained the equilibrium on the years in-between. The best thing about evening attire for men is that the trousers and jacket are rarely made of the same fabric.

Pair a pair of black dress trousers with a white shirt, and here you can mix up collar types to match the event and your mood, with a cummerbund and bowtie and add a velvet or brocade jacket on top. If you’re a little timid, break into pattern with perhaps just a waistcoat? Or wear a corresponding or same shade of roll neck instead of a shirt.

Have a fabulous return on your season’s investments and create some awesome memories.

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