Be Prepared. What to Buy Now.

I love the sales. It gives me chance to replace items I wore to death, or killed with a spill; red wine or red berries are the usual culprits. Sometimes, a few pounds – or carats – as I like to refer to them, mysteriously creep on or miraculously fall off and I use the theory of Moniquenomics to use the savings to buy myself something shiny for my birthday which is just weeks away.



Have your thighs gotten bigger from extra exercise? Maybe your trouser style now needs to change for a slightly baggier fit?

If your jackets too are a bit restrictive, maybe you can have a look through the contemporary fit suits we have.


The contemporary fit is sometimes referred to as the classic fit and It is the ideal fit for almost every shape and size! This option sits at a looser fit when compared to the slim fit; it is slightly nipped in at the waist to still look tapered and not boxy.

The contemporary fit is ideal for gents looking for more of a traditional look and for those of a bigger build.



If you’ve slimmed down and not bulked up, try a slim fit jacket which is nipped in at the waist and have narrower-cut shoulders.

The trousers are cut in a slim and sleek silhouette to finish off the suit neatly. This cut is also known as the "Italian Style" and is ideal for young, slim and muscular gents, looking for a trendier look.


If you’re not quite sure, take a look at the size & fit guide – you’ll see all items have 30% off at the moment which, again, citing the laws of my own theory of economics, means you can have two shirts and a suit for the usual price of the suit alone!



Another trick I have (I could so get fired for this tip) is to see what’s coming in the new season collections and see if there’s anything similar in the sales.

50 shades of beige are on their way and getting a coat in this neutral shade is a wise move, especially as it has a pettorina which detaches to add a layer of warmth for those really frosty days that will soon be upon us.


If you want any styling advice for the coming season, or clarification of sizing, we have a team on hand to talk you through our collections, just pop open the live chat!

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