Indulge Me

It is unfair that only people that get married get to choose the presents they want without guilt. Christmas sees millions of euros of returns and millions of offended people who didn’t get quite what they wanted, needed, liked or fit.

Frankly, there are loads of gifting opportunities throughout the year, so shouldn’t you at least once, get the right gift? Why do we find it so hard to ask? Maybe we are taught to be grateful for anything or that it’s the thought that counts. So start thinking.

With Valentine’s just around the corner, you have to start planning what you’ll get for your loved one, or plan how to get your message to the person you secretly admire. It’s relatively easy to please us – roses (this year opt for a plant instead of cut flowers perhaps? Or even some rose inspired jewellery?), chocolate always goes down well - vegan varieties are trending right now or maybe try this cocoa gin? And while you’re at it, why not try to get a gift you’ll love? A few hints you can pass on are:


  • To maintain my soft hands and reduce risk of my skin touching any surfaces, a new pair of gloves is what would be useful right now. (And yes, you can still use your touch screen with ours.)


  • We’ll be travelling again soon and would really like to up my game in the travel accessories department for when we stay in fancy hotels seeing as we saved so much on holidays this year…



And you could also go the extra mile. I don’t know what it is, but we do love a man that wears pink.


Go on, indulge me.


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