How to: Cufflinks

The summer is an opportunity to add a touch of humor and a splash of pattern to your wardrobe with our range of accessories, from pocket squares, ties, bow ties to scarves that match your character. This season’s collection includes floral, geometric, stripes and nature, that complement the season’s palette of sea blues and the rich colours of the ‘festa’ and fireworks.

Cufflinks give an insight into a man’s personality and come in a variety of styles including themed and personalised. They are worn with a double cuff shirt and you don’t need to style the look with a tie. For a chic summer look, wear with an open collar shirt and a pocket square.

This season, we have looked to the sea and have designed a range of cufflinks in the forms of boats to seahorses, whimsical lobsters, starfish and dolphins and are made in coated brass with color detail in resin.

A collection of cufflinks to suit any occasion can be built up over time; they become a talking point and are a great ice breaker in tricky networking situations.


  1. With your arm extended, use your opposite hand to fold your fold the cuff back.
  2. Hold the cuffs together so you have the 4 holes lined up.
  3. Straighten the swivel pin of your cufflinks and slip through the holes – the cufflink head should be on the outer edge of the sleeve.
  4. Secure the pin by swiveling it 90 degrees to from a bar across the holes.

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