Get Shirty!

Changing your shirt is a really easy way to change your look. Are you fed up with the standard white shirt for the office? Why not try a popover – they are comfortable, a bit more casual but still smart and don’t give those lumps from buttons under a light jumper. These come in navy, taupe and burgundy too.

Another twist for Gagliardi is a traditional shape shirt but made from a jersey pique. These are SO soft! The colours too make them interesting; a sky blue, olive green and navy are on sale as I type!

There are also shirts made from Tencel, which are light and cool and look pristine, but don’t take too much looking after. These are great for travelling, as they don’t crease so easily.

All these types of shirts can be worn ‘as usual’ but have that extra comfort perfect for this time of year.

Remember the days when trousers were one style? Not anymore, the cuts available now go from traditional to trendy and the twist is, the fabric used across the board has been flipped too. These jogger style pants are on point for the relaxed work from home vibe and great as casual wear when not at your desk too. Pair with a jumper and jacket in the same colour for an ice cool look.

Flat fronted, five pocket or pleat front trousers will take you to any occasion and with 25% off at the moment, you can experiment a bit with your style. Buy wisely and you can create a multitude of looks from a few items in similar tones. Drop us a line if you need any guidance, we’re here to help!

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