Countdown to Christmas

Despite everything, this year has flown by. It’s 5 weeks till Christmas and things are looking up. Like all good scouts, we’re prepared for the season and are on hand to help you too.


It’s time to get out of leisure wear and get on your party gear. Like Regina Brett would say, “get up, dress up and show up.” Christmas jumpers are no longer the thing to be seen in, the squeaky, sweat inducing, cheap synthetic fabric is now less popular then SClub7.


And whilst you may not be able to break out your legendary dance moves or offend the boss or your second cousin twice removed because of restrictions, that doesn’t stop you looking your best for the people you will see who are – let’s face it – the closest to you anyways.


Of course, we have the perfect clobber to dress you up in, and seeing as it’s our top halves’ that are seen most of all especially if your company or extended family is hosting an online Christmas bash, we’re going to share our latest party wear jackets with you.


Nothing screams Christmas more than velvet. We have the most luxurious jackets in subtle teal, classic black and deep burgundy. These can be worn in a number of ways. A dress shirt with bow tie, a regular collar shirt with a cravat, or shirtless and with a same colour wool round neck jumper and plain black or same colour trousers for a more modern look.

If you want to up the style stakes then try out a brocade jacket. Brocade takes its name from Italian meaning "embossed cloth" and is inspired by Baroque fabrics. This is more suited to wearing with a bow tie, but the jacket can also be styled with an open collar shirt and cravat for a smarter casual look.

So while you are deciding which look is for you, check out our three for two on all accessories so you can treat yourself and get stocking fillers sorted.

And need an idea for online entertainment for the guys? Start revising now for this highly rated, hilarious Greek history quiz.


One more tip, try out our current favourite cocktail recipe. Use a handful of berries and two sliced pears. Add 250ml of boiling water, 5 cloves and a star anise. Allow to infuse till cooled, add ice cubes to hurry this along and stir before you mix in a bottle of prosecco and 350ml of pear gin or vodka. Serve before the ice cubes melt.


You can still dance the night away, but just think, no worries about getting home/ getting cold / blisters…..

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