A step into the world of colonial luxury safari

A step into the world of colonial luxury safari
March 30, 2017 Gagliardi
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As the new season approaches life takes on a fresh air of lightness.

Success on sunshine-drenched days, leisure on balmy evenings and the universal desire for al fresco pursuits drive the Gagliardi man for Spring/Summer 2017. Remarkable figures from the course of history such as Cornwallis Harris (1836) and Hemingway (1899) lead the path to this season’s wardrobe which harks back to the prestige of colonial luxury.


It is 1950s Kenya that has provided the motivation for this dynamic collection – an era renowned for its ageless charm and unashamed entitlement. A safari – the Swahili word for ‘journey’ – was one of the most in-demand activities of the day; an expedition that combined energetic countryside walks, large game hunting, lazy siestas, formal dinners and long evenings of merriment enjoyed over drinks and tobacco. It is this joie-de-vivre and power-suited privilege that sets the tone for the Gagliardi gentleman’s dapper summer wardrobe; the perfect accomplices for the “Happy Valley Set.”

Satisfying and inviting, the collection embodies robustness and strength. The highest-end Italian fabrics compose Gagliardi’s City Product categories of suits and shirts in mesmerizing fabrics by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti , Zegna, Loro Piana and Di Fabio.


The colour palette is verdant and alluring – Royal Blues, Light Greys, Navy Twills and Rich Browns. It is constructed in Super 110s, Super 120s and luxurious Super 130s in classic designs, with the inclusion of a relaxed wool mohair composition that exemplifies summertime comfort.

The collection continues with the newly-launched Mirabilis Shirt Range, made in luxury Italian fabrics or rich Egyptian cotton, as well as the dedicated Egyptian Cotton City Shirt collection and the Seasonal City Shirt collection. Whether to make waves in the boardroom or to embrace the appeal of summer time recreations, Gagliardi has added detail and dynamic design to every single piece.


And, of course, there’s something equally well-turned-out for the weekend. Soft-to-the-touch, Gagliardi’s summer jackets are crafted from linen yarns and silk, blended with wools or cottons. In hues of Navy, Light Stone and Taupe, as well as seasonal Raspberry, Tangerine, Caramel and Royal Blue, the collection presents perfectly-cut jackets, trousers, shorts and waistcoats that play on the classic men’s tailoring heritage of stripes, checks and weave structures. The nuances of safari-style shine through too, with ambling giraffes and proud acacia trees gracing the print detail of Gagliardi’s seasonal jackets, and African-inspired art, fabrics and poetry used in shirts, swim shorts, ties, hankies, bow ties, scarfs and knitwear. Fabrics, meanwhile, play to the seasonal warmth with 100% linen, cotton and sheepskin.


Together, these elements form the medley of the Gagliardi Spring/Summer 2017 collection – a tribute to a golden era of yesteryear and the opportunity to embrace unabashed gallant sensibility. From 1950s colonial class to the embodiment of 2017 strength, the Gagliardi gentleman is timeless, tranquil and always on point.


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