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Waistcoats are a staple piece for fashionable men. Not only can this article of clothing help keep you warm in the winter, but it can also help keep you looking put together when you take of your jacket in the heat of the summer. The beauty of this staple is that you can match it to your jacket and pants or use it to make a statement by wearing complementing colors. You can wear a tie or go open collared. You can use men's waistcoats to add sophistication or style to any outfit. A casual, single-breasted waistcoat can be worn to the office matched with trousers and a jacket or for a night out matched with jeans. You can go a little more formal with waistcoats by getting one in a slick fabric. A single-breasted, slick-fabric option would look great at a high-class work dinner. If you are heading to a black-tie event, you want to wear a double-breasted waistcoat that comes in a nice fabric.