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Build your style with Gagliardi We’ve been designing since 1964.  And now our stylish continental collection is in demand all over the world.  What makes Gagliardi clothing so beguiling?   The Gagliardi gentleman is a relaxed, modern character.   He appreciates the value of being smartly turned-out, with creases well pressed and socks that match.  But these days, he also appreciates a comfortable jacket that allows him to travel in style or stop for an espresso.  Respectability for a more relaxed lifestyle.   Italian suits, jackets and trousers Our collection blends the best cloth – made in cotton, linen, wool, and cashmere – with our relaxed Italian eye for style.  Order one or two pieces and get a taste for the effortlessly handsome style of Gagliardi.  If you’re looking for a new season wardrobe, then you’ll find all you need is here.   If you choose from our current collection, it is absurdly easy to mix and match trousers, shirts and jackets – making your morning ritual far easier.  The current fashion for contrasting jackets and trousers means it’s difficult to make the wrong choice.  Add some boots (polished, of course) and a hat or coat (in best Italian cashmere), and you’re ready for anything.   Who said you can’t buy taste?