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1-24 of 36 products

  • Ochre Yellow Washbag

    69.00 , ,
    Ochre Yellow Washbag
  • Mid Brown Key Chain

    19.00 ,
    Mid Brown Key Chain
  • Black Key Chain

    19.00 ,
    Black Key Chain
  • Brown Weekend Travel Bag

    259.00 , ,
    Brown Weekend Travel Bag
  • Black Computer Bag

    189.00 , ,
    Black Computer Bag
  • Tan Vintage Messenger Bag

    209.00 , ,
    Tan Vintage Messenger Bag
  • Copper Leather Passport Holder

    39.00 , ,
    Copper Leather Passport Holder
  • Black Leather Briefcase

    159.00 , ,
    Black Leather Briefcase
  • Claret Leather Passport Holder

    39.00 , ,
    Claret Leather Passport Holder
  • Black Canvas Jacquard Cotton Briefcase

    129.00 , ,
    Black Canvas Jacquard Cotton Briefcase
  • Dark Brown Leather Travel Bag

    259.00 , ,
    Dark Brown Leather Travel Bag
  • Leather Black Washbag

    59.00 , ,
    Leather Black Washbag
  • Leather Claret Washbag

    59.00 , ,
    Leather Claret Washbag
  • Claret Leather Card Only Wallet

    49.00 , ,
    Claret Leather Card Only Wallet

Leather is known for being a durable and flexible material. This luxurious material, which is often made from cowhide, can be used to make clothes, accessories, bookbinding and so much more. Here, we offer a variety of men’s leather products to better equip the stylish man for everyday life. Whether you need a new passport holder for your upcoming vacation or a reliable briefcase for everyday work, we have the products for you. You may also be able to find travel bags, wallets and wash bags right here. You can get leather products in a variety of colors, including copper, black, dark brown and diesel blue. As you shop through the men’s leather, you’ll notice an overarching theme of style. Each product, whether it’s a bag or wallet, features the Gagliardi logo. The high-quality stitch work and material make each leather accessory long-lasting. The sleek finish of the leather products will make you look both stylish and sophisticated as you partake in any type of situation.