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Men’s dinner jackets It is an occasion where your sartorial taste is inevitably judged; so choosing a dinner jacket is never as simple as it seems.  You (naturally) want to look distinguished, but not eccentric.  Affluent and well-heeled, but also cool.  Gagliardi has been selling dinner jackets to Europe’s best-dressed for decades.  Try one – and discover the Gagliardi charm. Our latest men’s dinner jacket collection is carefully curated, each one designed to give you a distinctive look.  Are you a traditional gent, or do you like to add individuality to your look?   The range always features the classics as well as some more interesting choices. Men’s dinner jackets by Gagliardi We are known for our superb cut and beautiful Italian cloth.  Our men’s dinner jackets are made from luxurious cloth such as jacquard, corduroy, and an Italian wool-cotton blend.  Style features – such as sleek piping or a contrast lapel – add extra flair.  When you take a look inside, you will notice that every dinner jacket has been exceptionally well-made.  The small details – such as piping, interlining, buttons, and cuffs – demonstrate the calibre of your dinner jacket.  Whether you choose a traditional, double-breasted dinner jacket or an offbeat modern style, you will feel satisfyingly well-dressed in Gagliardi.