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Few men’s accessories are more classic and stylish than a simple bowtie. You can pick from geometric patterns, traditional patterns, floral eccentricity, dots and more.

Whether you choose a whimsical design or something subtler, Gagliardi bowties are sure to please. You can proudly wear a Gagliardi bowtie to all your formal occasions. From weddings to horse races and business dinners, these men’s bowties are sure to impress.

Since 1964, the Gagliardi brand has crafted exceptional clothing and accessories for extraordinary men. Each generation in this family business has breathed fresh style into this brand and allowed it to thrive and grow.

Since the early days, this Malta brand has spread all over the world. You can order here and get your item shipped to any European Union country, as well as Australia, the United States, Switzerland, Serbia, and Norway.

When you order any hand-crafted piece from Gagliardi, you purchase a quality piece that is built to last. Our bowties are no exception to this dedication to craftsmanship. See what sets Gagliardi apart and order your new favorite bowtie today.