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When you want to make a statement with your outfit, you have to accessorize. Some men's accessories, like ties, watches, cuff links and belts, are more common than others, but that does not mean they are the only option. Bracelets have long been an important accessory for men's clothing. You can add a beaded bracelet to your after-work outfit to help yourself standout and start conversations. You can wear a simple, braided-leather bracelet with a business-casual outfit at work to increase your sophistication. Really, when it comes to men's bracelets your options are only limited by your fashion sense and accessory collection. As you shop through the bracelets, you will find some options that are subtle and others that are daring to ensure everyone can find something that meets their needs. Some of the beaded options come in solid colors, marbled colors or even mixed beads. You may be able to find a leather bracelet with accents of rustic twine. Other casual options could include a nautical-inspired rope bracelet.