De-Clutter Your Summer

De-Clutter Your Summer
October 10, 2015 Gagliardi
De-Clutter Your Summer and Transition to Autumn

The changing of seasons affects more than just our ensembles. Even our moods and energy levels seem to take a shift. It’s as if the sun gives us a bundle of zest in summer and we tend to go out more and do more; the winter, however is very often a different affair for most.

The warm summer sun is now restricted to distant memory; there already is a chill in the air as we are once again at sartorial cross roads, and bracing for the forthcoming cold season. This change of season period provides us with a timely opportunity to de-clutter from unnecessary excess as well as update our colour palettes.

How does one transition and de-clutter effortlessly?

Start with impact items – the accessories. The tie and pocket square are the items that first meet the tie and add a huge visual impact to the rest of the outfit; hence, it goes without saying that these items should be on-trend. Opt for warmer colours, fabric compositions and patterns during this time of year. These pieces in warmer shades will not necessarily provide greater warmth but display an appreciation for fashionable style.

De-Clutter Your Summer and Transition to Autumn 2

As the mercury continues to drop, the next garments to transition are shirts. Make sure our Autumn Winter ‘15 casual shirts are part of your winter wardrobe to add sportive colour to any outfit. Change your shirt options before changing your tailoring options for the season. We place great emphasis on suits and blazers being lightweight and breathable in the summer but fight the autumn chill with more airtight compositions and construction.

Any gent, when quizzed on what he loves most about autumn winter dressing would be quick to point to layering up. Layering up and down is typically associated with knitwear, coats and accessorising. Our chunky knits offer heavy duty warmth which are stylish yet versatile and can be easily paired with a smart cotton shirt or with a relaxed polo shirt. Our selection of stylish and super soft knitwear gives you the perfect excuse to layer up for extra warmth this autumn. That said, the blend of cashmere and soft acrylic will guarantee extreme breathability and comfort, which will keep the sweat away once we put on our dancing shoes in a night club or other warm venues.

Now that autumn is upon us you don’t need to compromise on style. Autumn provides us with the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe refresh including cardigans, jumpers and chunky knits with new accessories from colourful scarves to fashion ties. Be inspired by our men’s Autumn trends and start layering up.

Autumn Winter Wardrobe

Final word

Do dedicate some time to a short, doable de-cluttering of your wardrobe and this will help you gauge what you need to replace, what you have never really needed and what you most definitely must buy to freshen up your look ahead of the coming season.

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