A Legacy of Luxury

A Legacy of Luxury
February 24, 2017 Gagliardi
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Kensington Palace:  A Legacy of Luxury Book Launch

London, UK, 9 December 2016 – As one of the world’s most prestigious car clubs, the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club (RREC) has thousands of devoted members around the globe. established in 1957, the club is celebrating its diamond jubilee over the coming year and, to mark this milestone, it launched a new publication entitled A Legacy of Luxury – Celebrating the RREC’s Diamond Jubilee at the royal residence of Kensington Palace in London on Friday 9 December. the event was attended by more than 500 guests, including Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners and collectors and an array of ViPs.

Produced by leading London publisher St James’s house and written by an editorial team of experts, a aficionados and tastemakers, the beautifully designed, 444-page hardback publication spotlights Rolls-Royce motor cars past and present, and delves into the stories and personalities that make the marque “the best car in the world”.

In keeping with the launch’s refined setting, a collection of Rolls-Royce and bentley motor cars were on display at the Kensington Palace event.
In addition, to resonate with the book’s theme of luxury a carefully curated selection of high-end brands were present, enabling guests to immerse themselves in a world of luxurious tastes, products and experiences.

Richard freed, Director of publisher St James’s house, said:

“What better way to launch this wonderful book than with a celebration of the finer things in life? it was truly an event to remember.”

The launch event took place on 9 December between 5pm and 8pm at Kensington Palace in London.






 THE NAME GAGLIARDI pays homage to a man with a gregarious sense of style. The company’s owner, Salvatore Borg, was usually the best-dressed man on shore leave throughout his time as a young man serving in the British merchant navy. However, it was his service as a marine during the Second World War which earned him a reputation for being more than just a dandy. On returning home to his native Malta, his fellow officers and friends conferred upon him the nickname “il Gagliardi”, meaning brave and robust. 

Inspired by his love of tailoring, Salvatore created both the Gagliardi tailoring brand and the Bortex (Borg Textile) Group in the 1960s. Little did he know back then that he was building a legacy of stylish clothes, expert workmanship and fine textiles that a third generation of his family would maintain to the present day. Peter Borg, Bortex CEO and Salvatore’s son, describes the company’s hallmarks. “The seeds of inspiration are definitely found on Savile Row,” he says, “but our approach is fresher, not as structured as traditional tailoring and imbued with a distinctive Mediterranean flair and penchant for rich colour.” It’s all about sharp silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and hidden details which all contribute to a relaxed, softly tailored aesthetic. “The Gagliardi man is a jovial, cultured gentleman who enjoys cars, fine dining, and cigars,” says Sam, Salvatore’s grandson and third generation of the Borg family, “He travels extensively; loved literature, history and the arts.”

This enjoyment of life permeates Gagliardi’s collections. “The styling evokes the brand’s origins in the 1960s jet set era,” he adds, “which is also when Malta gained its independence.” Aqua blue seersucker jackets sit alongside linen shirts for a weekend feel; while the deep ochre tweed suits and business wear is a definite nod to the original Gagliardi subversion of more formal British styles. “The half-lined jackets are definitely the brand’s iconic product group,” says Sam.

 Gagliardi’s range predominantly focuses on using Italian fabric of exquisite quality. Merino wool, cotton / cashmere and silk, linen as well as blends of the world’s finest natural fibres, contribute to a tactile wardrobe that takes the wearer from morning to evening. “It’s been said that our blazers are the Maserati of sports jackets,” says Sam, “and we use traditional tailoring methods to ensure a luxury finish.” The brand, through the family’s garment manufacture business, has cultivated strong relationships with the best fabric mills and designers. Lanificio Flli. Cerruti, Ing Ermenegildo Zegna, and Ing Lanificio Loro Piana fabrics are used throughout the range ‘We use the finest fibres in the fabrics,’’ he says ‘so the clothes feel and look great.’’

 Gagliardi’s accessories collection also adheres to the company’s classic-yet-contemporary style with perfectly proportioned silk ties, soft scarves and luxurious leather briefcases and bags. But it is its evening wear that really demonstrates the brand’s understanding of fabric and fit; mohair and blends of silk allow dinner jackets to drape perfectly for understated elegance.

With Malta’s capital Valletta named as 2018’s European City of Culture, the island is in a great position to show off its extraordinary blend of British and Italian influences. These in turn mirror those of the founder of Gagliardi and his colourful back story. Salvatore Borg’s life seems to have come full circle.


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