Your go to Work-Wear Guide

Your go-to Workwear Guide
July 31, 2019 Jessica Bonavia

Milan is a metropolis that thrives on success. As Italy’s indisputable commercial centre, this is also where countless entrepreneurs choose to kickstart their careers. From the boardrooms of smart business blocks to the array of charming cafes that sit on every corner, Milan is a place where dreams are made and goals are embarked upon.

As the famous English-born Hollywood actor Cary Grant (1904-86) used to recall when quoting his dad, “My father used to say, ‘Let them see you and not the suit. That should be secondary.” This is inarguably a powerful statement to take on board for those who really want to make headway in today’s grueling world. There is no denying that Grant was living proof of his words; considered by many as one of the best suited gentlemen to ever appear on the silver screen.

Having the appropriate suit to wear and knowing how to pull it off, is second to none – it will make you feel self-confident, comfortable and superbly at ease with yourself in any given surrounding. Meeting clients in an appropriate business suit carries more importance, perhaps, as it leaves more at stake when your outfit is one hot mess. No matter how much tailoring has relaxed in recent years, there are certain golden rules which will pave your way to impress on a professional level.

Gagliardi’s collection boasts a list of attractive and classically styled suits that all range intrinsically different characters, thanks to their cut, fabric, colour and general composition.

Consider for instance, a colour that harmonizes well with your wardrobe staples. For instance grey and charcoal-grey are everlastingly fashionable for business suit colours, Gagliardi fabrics add that subversive refinement which make it the perfect choice for occasions where only the best will do.

Checks are an essential! Grey checks will look best when paired with browns, purples, burgundies, reds and sky blues, all of which are top-notch colours to go for when you start filling in the spaces underneath or around your suit. This enables you to have a dressed up, or down suit depending on what kind of day you have in store.

The classic three-piece suit is firmly back in place, which means that you have to start considering waistcoats, those inner and rather more intimate coats of armor that ably turn an average businessman into a stylish businessman. A gentleman in a waistcoat is in actual fact the epitome of sartorial elegance, and no professional tailor will ever contradict this statement.

The business suit can get you places and if you travel a lot on business, make sure you have the right suit on your back and another neatly packed in your luggage with additional shirt and accessory options to create three or four different outfits, which makes for travelling light.