Six reasons why you need a waistcoat in your wardrobe

Six reasons why you need a waistcoat in your wardrobe
August 20, 2018 gagliardi.ab84

A Modern Essential: The Waistcoat

As the year creeps into the cooler months, we become more aware of how we layer our clothes. It’s all about balancing the right textures and colours together to get the perfect ensemble. So below we put together a list of reasons why you should invest in a waistcoat this autumn.

In fact, as with any item of clothing, a good fit is imperative when it comes to waistcoats. The point of the accessory, after all, is to give you shape and form. So, when you’re buying your next one, keep in mind two things: that the armholes are high and that it fits snugly – too much extra material at the back will actually make you look bigger than you are.

…and it gives your outfit a sense of panache that a shirt alone simply can’t. For that reason, it’s important to always button up your waistcoat, leaving the last button undone so that you can move your arms freely.

…whether to a suit or to an outfit in general. Nevertheless, unless the waistcoat is part of a three-piece suit, then its colour should complement or contrast the suit or jacket in question, rather than try to match it.

…and having waistcoats in different fabrics (linen, knitted, woolen, and so on) will help you add texture and depth to your outfit. Certain waistcoats also come with lapels or stylish details, making them ideal to wear as stand-alone pieces with more casual or smart-casual outfits.

The thing that makes waistcoats such a winter must-have is that they can often be used as an alternative to knitwear and cardigans in the colder months. A waistcoat pulls your outfit together in the same way a knit does, but making your look that much more tailored and well put together.

By mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures, waistcoats make your outfit look more refined. In other words, waistcoats are cool without being loud about it.

So, in conclusion, waistcoats are the chameleons of fashion accessories, adapting themselves to your needs, any season of the year. And since they never really go out of style, purchasing one is a sound investment in your year-round wardrobe!

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