Maestro Marshall

Maestro Marshall
July 13, 2018 gagliardi.ab84

The Maestro in Gagliardi

Concert Organist, Pianist and Conductor; Gagliardi catches up with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Maestro Wayne Marshall. Sitting on his piano stool, in his sunny townhouse in Valletta, we got to know more about his journey into music, which was gifted to him at quite the tender age of three.

It’s 1964, in a small town in the North of England, Oldham. Born into a musical family, with roots from Barbados, Wayne’s mother and father both sang with the church choir every Sunday. It was only a matter of time till Wayne became interested in music. Every Sunday, conveniently across the street, church; music, singing and piano routinely surrounded him in his everyday life. His mother was the pianist in the family, so he soon followed in his mother’s musical footsteps.


Fast forward a few years, and Wayne found himself attending Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester – his most formative years as a musician.

He was later to go on to study at The Royal College of Music in London and to be Organ Scholar at St Georges Chapel, in Windsor Castle, followed by a post-grad in Vienna, Austria.

Musing on his black piano, he says his big break came when he performed at the Glyndebourne Opera. In fact it was during this operatic odyssey that he met virtuoso conductor Sir Simon Rattle; an encounter that was to take his career to dizzying heights.

This, he says, is how he went from playing the organ in London churches, to conducting world-class musicians in top opera houses the world over.

The light-filed townhouse Wayne calls home is in Malta’s baroque capital, Valletta.
It’s a musical household here in the Marshall home in Valletta and it seems the apple does not fall far from the tree, for the Marshalls.

Music comes naturally to Wayne, it’s a part of who he is.

His greatest reward, he says, comes from his audience – the roar of applause that follows the final note of a concert is the culmination of months of work.

Like all craftsman, Wayne knows that to create something meaningful requires persistence, and an insistence on even the most minute of details. Like with tailoring, his demeanor reflects his performance. His jacket is a crescendo of purple and gold trim. The sharp light, and soft curves- a symphony. The dramatic crease at the elbow as he raises his hand in the final gasp before he and the orchestra shatter and bellow the theater walls.

Wayne is seen here wearing a Made to Measure jacket and trouser ensemble by Gagliardi. Kindly contact us here for more information.