The Job Interview: Style Notes

The Job Interview: Style Notes
May 3, 2018 gagliardi.ab84

Appropriate Attire to Nail that Job Interview

Here’s what we recommend:

Regardless of how well you plan, something is going to go wrong before your interview. That being said, we advise that you are over-prepared before your interview. Make sure your shirt is well pressed and your shoes are polished.

Since this job is in the creative industry, it might be a bit acceptable to go for a more casual look. But you don’t want to give the wrong impression and show up looking too dressed-down. After all, you’re trying to impress these people and convince them that you are serious about the job.

We suggest you go for the weekend jacket + tie + chino look. It’s smart, casual and appropriate for the architect on-the-go.

First impressions, when it comes to a navy suit, is conservative and professional. So why not make your life simpler and invest in a suit that fits you perfectly and makes you feel confident? Especially when it comes to having an interview at a law firm, conservative is key here.

Adding a waistcoat to your suit could just give you that extra notch of added assertiveness. Also, you need to show your future employers that you consider yourself as a serious, and well put together employee.

Keep your tie and pocket square combination traditional, and always pair your suit with the right pair of smart suit shoes.


If you’re being interviewed for a job in journalism or for an editor, the dress code is quite straightforward: comfort and efficiency are key. You are expected to dash to various different locations throughout the day, interview top people, and churn out information to the public.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, and show some character in how you dress, especially if you want to stand out from a sea of other people in the press. You will be expected to constantly be on your toes, as you will need to cope with everything the news day will throw at you. But the first impression is important; you’re smart, insistent and well-dressed.

Keep in mind that your future employee will expect you to maintain a professional look at all times in this industry. You will most probably be interacting with clients all day long. In the past, a three-piece suit was required, but nowadays, things are a bit more relaxed.

In any case, you still want to look serious and qualified. If you want to keep that sense of tradition, go for the three piece suit. We recommend that you pair it with a classic white shirt, and tie and pocket square combination.