Italy’s Charming Coastal Towns

Italy’s Charming Coastal Towns
April 23, 2018 gagliardi.ab84

5 Beautiful Italian coastal villages you must visit this summer

As the weather gets warmer,  we all dream of escaping the sweltering city’s heat to laze on a sunbed in a quiet coastal village in the Mediterranean. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 Italian coastal villages we think you should escape to this summer.

1. Positano

The picturesque fishing village of Positano, nestled on the lavish Amalfi Coast.

Its quaint harbour and elegant, Moorish-style architecture, sweeps down to the glistening Mediterranean Sea. Abundant with luxurious hotels and smart restaurants, there’s a big chance of running into some A-list celebrities in this town.

Look beyond the swanky lifestyle and you’ll find that Positano’s southern charm still lives in the crumbling stucco, streaked paintwork and sun-bleached pink and terracotta houses. Sunbathers eating gelato on the beach; people-watchers sipping on their Negroni Sbagliato at Franco’s Bar, and signore strolling around the boutiques on their summer break from Milano. Moda Positano- the term inherent to the town for its chic fashionista history from the 60s.


2. Camogli

One of Italy’s best-kept secrets, tucked away in a thyme-scented hillside, Camogli, a slow-paced fishing village.

An hour’s drive up the Ligurian coast from Cinque Terre, the village has a unique bond with the sea. Legend has it that Camogli, shortened from case delle mogli (“house of wives”), got its name from the women who watched over the town while their fishermen husbands were away.

In August, the town is the discreet getaway of the wealthy and discerning MilaneseThis is their way of moving away from the maddening crowd of tourists. The grand palazzi and their deep-green shutters framed by trompe l’oeil flourishes are not the only main attraction.

The surrounding greenery is adorned with olive and citrus trees, cacti and scents of rosemary and lavender. So, get your comfortable shoes ready for some scenic hiking and sun soaked isolated beaches.

3. Cefalu

Perfect to suit the slow, pedestrian exploration of this idyllic town, Cefalù is where most European holidaymakers flock to in the summer months. 

Wedged between mountains and coastline, Cefalù hosts one of Sicily’s finest beaches, which sits alongside the Arab-Norman architectural town. Fishermen, prepping their little fishing boats scattered around the small port just sets the slow-paced life of the town. 

But besides admiring the honey-hued stone buildings, mosaic adorned cathedral, Cefalù has brilliant fish restaurants and a buzzing nightlife of bars and clubs. 

4. Manarola

Manarola is the second smallest village that forms part of the Cinque Terre. This tiny coastal town is claimed to be the oldest of the five, as it contains priceless medieval relics.

A tumble of brightly coloured houses surrounding a small bay, famed for its fabulous wine, particularly Sciacchetra, and the paintings of Antonio Discovolors. The winding alleys, and stunning terrace views set it to be the most romantic of the villages in this list.


5. Sorrento

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sorrento, famous for its lemons is a beautiful town mounded on the cliffs overlooking the sea to Naples and Mount Vesuvius in the distance. It is hard to imagine a setting better than this.

In mythology, this area is often identified as the land of the sirens, beautiful maidens of the sea whose song lured mariners to their doom.

Sorrento is the perfect town for pottering about the pedestrian lanes. Enjoy limoncello tastings, the boutique shops and a delicious seafood meal in the harbour.