Every Man’s Essentials

Every Man’s Essentials
March 9, 2018 gagliardi.ab84

The Capsule Wardrobe:

A capsule wardrobe represents the very bare minimum of pieces that require minimal effort to pair up or mix and match; in other words, what most of us refer to as the ‘basics’ in a man’s wardrobe.



A list of this kind is certainly subjective. Having said this, we managed to narrow down three fundamental pieces that will have you covered for 99% of the time. Injecting more personality to these pieces, can not only be fulfilled by adding more statement pieces to your wardrobe but also by going down the accessories route. You’d be surprised how much flair and strong demeanor can be added to an otherwise ‘boring’ outfit by simply adding a colourful floral pocket square.
Before we start ticking all the essential boxes, one must also keep in mind that every essential piece should have a long-term lifeline in your wardrobe. If any of the pieces below have seen their time-of-day, it might be the time to bid farewell and reinvest in new ones. Remember; the higher the quality, the longer the longevity.

1. Crisp White Shirts

A strong contender across the board, this climbs up to the very top of the essential list due to its versatility and for the simple reason that there is little that doesn’t go with a button down white shirt.
 To begin with, find a shirt fabric that is mid-weight, to save yourself the trouble of having a seasonal wardrobe. The collar shape all boils down to taste, as does the fabric texture. However, we cannot but highly recommend that you opt for a shirt that is cut from a soft cotton. Team it up with a pair of slim chinos and a crew neck jumper. Roll up your sleeves for a more casual look, or opt for a double-cuff style for a more formal look. To make things easier, invest in some non-iron shirts to ensure you looking fresh all day.


2. A Navy Suit

Suited for so many occasions, your navy suit won’t be sitting in your wardrobe often enough. A navy suit will be like your second skin and you will find that it will be your go-to-option time and time again. The navy suit can transcend from the office to a night out seamlessly with a few changes here and there. Worth considering is the fabric composition; go for thicker wools in winter and for tropical weights in the scorching summer months.

3. A Navy Blazer

The most versatile of jackets- the navy blazer. It cuts right in between the line of casual and smart, henceforth, considered by many as the holy grail of menswear. Wear it with a shirt, tie, chinos and brogues or with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers for a more street style look. Either way, this piece is usually suitable for all seasons, depending on what weight your jacket is. For the colder months, go for a darker shade in brushed cotton.

3. A Pair of Chinos

Whatever the colour, whatever the style, these are your ideal alternative to jeans. Make sure the fabric composition is a lightweight cotton and woven with a small percentage of elastane to ensure a comfortable stretch. Wear them with a shirt, shirt- jacket, t-shirt, t-shirt and blazer – the options are endless.